Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi darla...

Pieces Of Key would like to introduce our besties sites to the public

Please welcome 2 new sites in town

1 ) Elements
Basically this lovely site is belong to my bestie since college year, Ms Rifhan Farhan who is selling the most uptodate dresses, cardigan, skirts etc...
( note : all items are brand new & ready stocks )
Everything is hand picked by her & the price is incredibly affordable

Do click on the links here to go to her site

2 ) Lambak Store
Basically this lovely site is belong to my besties since college year, Mr Amirul & Mr Naza who are selling the most uptodate shawl & hijab like gypsy, cotton beaded, pashmina etc
( note : for retail & wholesale )
& Grade AAA Perfumes from Dubai
There are more stuff coming out real soon so stay tune
( sneak peak : Lambak Store will launch their very own store soon )

Do click on the link here to go to their site
** Lambak Store - FB Fan Page **

** Lambak Store - Blogspot **
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