Saturday, December 4, 2010

O.P.I & China Glaze Nail Polishes Spree ( Pre - Order )

Hi Darla, Pieces Of Key is helping a friend to advertise for her Nail Polishes Spree

Cheapest O.P.I & China Glaze nail polishes in M'sia
(straight from the USA)

She is offering all you lovely ladies (and dudes who fancy themselves as
Adam Lambert) an opportunity to get 100% authentic O.P.I & China Glaze
nail polishes
at dirt cheap prices- Straight from the US!

O.P.I polishes retail ard RM40-70++.
China Glaze polishes DO NOT RETAIL IN M’SIA.
(Both online prices DO NOT include postage)

She is offering:

O.P.I (All shades except designer hues)- RM32!

Choose ANY colour you want at O.P.I's official website,!

China Glaze (all shades)- RM 25!

Choose ANY colour you want at China Glaze's official website,!


1. Choose the colours you want @ the official websites
2. Copy & paste the brand & Colour you want.
eg: brand (O.P.I)- colour
(Black Onyx)
3. Email your list to me at
4. Wait for me to reply your email! (within 24hrs)


1) She will E-mail you the total.
2) You can make payments via her bank islam acc- which she will mail to you.
3) Make sure you e-mail/ text her ASAP because the bank will not
identify who wired in the money.
4) Full payments must be made BEFORE she ship the polishes to M’sia.


1) For practical purposes, she will ship in bulk, so once the orders
reach 50 bottles, she will NOT take any more orders- SO ITEMS ARE
2) Also, she will not make my final order TILL I reach the 50 bottle
. So, it might take awhile.
3) Please allow up to 2 weeks for the items to reach M’sia AFTER SHE
HAS MADE THE FINAL & FULL ORDER- it is shipped all the way from the
US after all~
4) She will try my best to get every colour you ask for. But she is not
responsible if her supplier cannot get the colour. If this happens,
she will either offer another similar colour OR give you a FULL REFUND for
that particular bottle :)
5) If you have any questions, you may E-mail her via gmail at or find her at FB,

- If you’re not sure of the ‘real’ colour of the polishes, just google
it up at google images! A bunch of swatches will come up!

- If you’ve never heard of these brands (tsk..tsk..) and how awesome
they are, search them at YouTube!


1) UITM Shah Alam - FOC
2) Sek 7 Shah Alam - RM2
3) Sek 2 Shah Alam - RM2
4) Alam Sentral/ PKNS/ SACC mall Shah Alam - RM4
5) SS15 Subang - RM4
6) Taipan Subang - RM4
7) Sunway Pyramid - RM6


1) 1-2 bottles RM8
2) 3-8 bottles RM14
 3) 9-unlimited bottles RM 20
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