Thursday, December 9, 2010

Strap Perfect/ Cleavage Control / Bra Clip/ As seen on TV

Enhance your cleavage instantly ! Immediate lift without padding or enhancers.
The cleavage control clip is the easy way to acheive a sexy look in just seconds. Just clip the cleavage clip to the back of your bra straps & you are done.

It is like adding a full cup size instantly. Now enjoy fabulous cleavange instantly. This clip is an invention that enhances cleavage without padding, inserts or the need to purchase an expensive specialty bra. It provides added lift and support, rejuvenates stretched out bras, eliminates falling bra straps and is perfect for razor back work out wear.
Go from small to sensational

* immediate lift without padding ( check )
* lookyounger & 10lbs lighter instantly ( check )
* sculpt sexier look in seconds ( check )
* revive stretched out bras ( check )
* maximize your cup size ( double check )

How It Works

* Loosen your bra straps
* Reach behind your head and lift one bra strap upward
* While holding the Cleavage Control Clip in the other hand, place the bra strap under the flap, then repeat with the other strap
* Pull bra strap forward while sliding the Cleavage Control Clip downward one strap at a time
* Adjust straps on your shoulders

By adjusting your bra straps to full length, the Cleavage Control Clip will provide greater lift and sup­port, reduce shoulder indentions and discomfort and eliminate falling bra straps.

To increase dramatic results of cleavage use on your favorite under wire bra and place the Cleavage Control Clip close to the nape of your neck. The higher the Cleavage Control Clip , the tighter the straps, the greater the results.

click the video :

The Cleavage Control Clip includes :
a  set of 3 clips

Price : RM 10 per pack of 3pcs

update  (15/Dec/2010) : we manage to sell 85 sets of this lovely wonder in 1 week so hurry up & place your order now cuz our stocks are almost running out darla
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