Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pieces Of Key Goes Vintage in 2010 - Limited Edition

        Vintage, Mod, Hippie,  Retro

Pieces of Key offers an eclectic collection of authentic vintage clothing online for women, including collector garments and accessories. Whether your passion is for 1930s cocktail dresses, 1950s motorcycle jackets, 1960s hippie apparel, or any other kind of vintage retro clothes, you will find it here at Pieces Of Key.

Hand-selected by our professional vintage lover, Pieces Of Key is proud to showcase unique vintage and indie clothes from the classic eras we admire most the 1920s through today. With new items added to our inventory weekly, shoppers are presented with the largest selection of women's vintage clothing available on the Web with the opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind pieces they can't find anywhere else. We carry vintage mod clothing for avid collectors and shoppers.

Go green with eco-friendly vintage clothing. Vintage clothing is not only a way to express your unique sense of style, it is an eco-friendly approach to clothes shopping. At Pieces Of Key, we offer 100 percent eco-friendly vintage indie clothing, giving you the opportunity to protect the environment without sacrificing style. Every time you purchase a vintage garment you are reducing our impact on the environment by keeping items from the landfill.

At Pieces Of Key, we understand that collecting is more than a pastime; it is a way to preserve and admire history, culture and most importantly fashion. Whether you own 1960s hippie clothing or WWII bomber jackets, we can help you add valuable and historical pieces to your collection. This is why we have neatly categorized our items according to chapter, making it easy for you to explore and find the item you have been searching for. Many of our clients are also designers and stylists on the hunt for quality fabrics such as vintage gabardine silk or cotton. Whether you're a stylist, vintage collector or discerning shopper and have a passion for quality vintage and designer clothing, Pieces Of Key can satisfy your obsession.
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